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Supported PDF readers for AIP (or MIP)

During many of my Azure Information Protection projects, I have always been met with questions about protected PDF files.

Honestly I do not why, but it seems like some companies are using the quote “AIP doesn’t work with PDF files, so we cannot implement that in our organization”. That is bu*ls**t!

Microsoft and Adobe has been collaborating on this feature for a while now, and it is supported in Azure Information Protection or Microsoft Information Protection as it is called now.

For Windows 10 and previous versions through Windows 7 Service Pack 1 you can use Adobe Acrobat Reader, on iOS or Android you must download the Azure Information Protection app from the store.

Support for previous formats:
The PDF readers in the next table support protected PDF documents that have a .ppdf file name extension and older formats that have a .pdf file name extension. Currently, SharePoint Online and SharePoint on-premises use an older format for PDF documents in IRM-protected libraries.

Operating system Supported readers
Windows 10, through Windows 7 SP1 Azure Information Protection viewer, Gaaiho Doc, GigaTrust Desktop PDF Client for Adobe, Foxit Reader, Nitro PDF Reader, Nuance Power PDF, RMS sharing app
Android Azure Information Protection app, Foxit MobilePDF with RMS, GigaTrust App for Android
iOS Azure Information Protection app, Foxit MobilePDF with RMS, TITUS Docs