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Prevent users from uninstalling Edge browser extension

First, you need to find the package family name (PFN) for the Edge Browser extension. I normally use PowerShell for such things, but you can of course use your preferred way/tool.

  • Get-AppxPackage AccessPanel

The command will return the result:

  • PackageFamilyName : Microsoft.AccessPanelExtension_8wekyb3d8bbwe

Now you can create an Intune Profile to prevent users from uninstalling Edge Browser extension:

  • Start Microsoft 365 Device Management portal
  • Go to Device Configuration -> Profile -> Create profile
  • Enter a Name etc. “Manage Edge Extensions”
  • Select Platform “Windows 10 and later”
  • Select Profile type “Device restriction”
  • Select “Configure”
  • Select Category “Microsoft Edge Browser”
  • Select “Additional”
  • Under additional you’ll find the new Edge Browser settings
  • Enter the packages family name “Microsoft.AccessPanelExtension_8wekyb3d8bbwe”
  • Click Add

The profile are now ready to be assigned to your users!